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Friday December 20 2013 Confused about your social media channels?

Social media is the social interaction among people in which they create, share or exchange information and ideas in...

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Tuesday December 10 2013 Branding 101

Everyone seems to be excited when it comes to branding their great idea, but what really is the branding step? Dusting...

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Monday October 28 2013 Verdana we say yes. Comic Sans is a no-no.

Our last post on IKEA and their love of Verdana sparked a recent kitchen conversation with a friend (A teacher by...

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Monday October 21 2013 IKEA Food. IKEA-mazing?

IKEA food range packaging was an attention grabber during a recent trip. If you can make "Pastej Lax" - i.e.: Salmon...

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Monday October 14 2013 Coffee vs. Beer

Truth is, working in the creative field is not always a happy and dandy time with unicorns dancing on top of a rainbow....

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Thursday October 10 2013 Creative Wedding Card Designs

A recent chat with a friend triggered curiosity on great wedding card designs. In the hope of having the best, many set...

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