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Monday October 21 2013 IKEA Food. IKEA-mazing? IKEA food range packaging was an attention grabber during a recent trip. If you can make "Pastej Lax" - i.e.: Salmon paste in a tube (God bless the Swedish and their unique delicacies) look sexy enough to buy, you know you are a cracking designer. By the way, the design brief wasn't any easier either, it apparently says: "The products should always express the key values: reliability, quality and Swedishness."

On closer inspection there is nothing but one tone illustrations with Verdana as the chosen font. Verdana, the one font that has been around since 1996, made in the U.S.A, hardly Swedish in any way and - here is the best bit - comes standard with your Windows CD. There you go... You could have been the next big IKEA designer since 1996, but no, sorry; the peeps at Stockholm Design Lab have beaten you to it.

So what makes this generic design works so brilliantly? This is what the CEO had to say: "The product name is in Swedish; sometimes people don’t know how this product is meant to be consumed. So we have pictures to show that." ... and that is exactly it: A direct, clean and minimalistic approach. Combine this with lots of empty space and you'll give the customer enough information on what they are getting in no time, plus plenty of empty space to provoke their interest and imagination.

Feels like Australian Homebrand has so much more to learn. Admittedly, naming your product in a foreign language always sounds better. "Hem varumärke mjölk" anyone?