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Monday October 14 2013 Coffee vs. Beer Truth is, working in the creative field is not always a happy and dandy time with unicorns dancing on top of a rainbow. Sometimes it gets to the point where we just sit there for hours and hours with a blank canvas, especially on warm sleepy Sunday afternoons like today. So, in an attempt to jump start those creative juices, we raided the kitchen for munchies and... There it was, the ever-so-difficult option: Espresso double shot or cold glass of Cab Sav.

Caffeine vs. alcohol. Despite being both considered the drink of the creative mind, does one actually work better than the other? Thankfully, a quick Google search showed a scientifically proven answer to this dilemma -- written by Mikael Cho and beautifully illustrated by Ryoko Iwata from ILoveCofee for us who are more visual than linguistic.

For us? Err.. 'Por que no los dos'? Now, where is my coffee martini.