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Thursday October 10 2013 Creative Wedding Card Designs A recent chat with a friend triggered curiosity on great wedding card designs. In the hope of having the best, many set aside a big chunk of their wedding budget to get the classiest design on the best paper stock possible (think of white satin and silk decorated with heaps of gold and glitter and all that jazz). Perhaps all that is missing is butterflies and rainbows spewing out of the card -- and mind you, the thicker the card the sadder your wallet will be.

While some Bridezillas will swear upon their ancestors and say 'yes this is necessary', it doesn't change the fact that it will end up being just another invitation card, forgotten as soon as the wedding ends. But what if we can create a lasting memory even after the card has long been misplaced?

Not surprisingly, a creative design can turn a budget wedding invitation into something more memorable than the expensive counterpart (and don't we all love the word 'budget' *wink*). Think of retro, good humour and minimalist.
The aim is to engage your audiences, get your message across creatively, effectively and give the readers a few chuckles along the way! They'll be sure to remember that.

This invitation might just meet all the criteria above