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Monday October 28 2013 Verdana we say yes. Comic Sans is a no-no. Our last post on IKEA and their love of Verdana sparked a recent kitchen conversation with a friend (A teacher by profession, not designer) on the topic of the infamous Comic Sans; another Microsoft font bundled with any of your Windows circa 1995.

Unbeknownst to many, before its massive downfall, Comic Sans enjoyed a fair bit of worldwide boom before tripping and falling to the lowest point of even having its own sworn enemy (bancomicsans.com).

Which poses the question: Why do we hate Comic Sans? We used to love it, so... Did we just mature? Or like any other pop culture *cough* Bieber *cough* was it because everyone else hated it so we should too?

From a designer point of view, Comic Sans had breaks a few design rules: inaccurate kerning and uneven weighting which makes it terribly hard to read. Not surprising as it was never serious and was originally intended for punchy speech bubbles inside Microsoft Bob (Now obsolete product). Think of the good old Word's Clippy, except older and in the form of a dog. Get the idea now? Comic Sans was created for a very specific purpose and has been used outside its context repeatedly due to its fame. From public newsletters, warning signs, police notices and (God bless) Pope Benedict XVI's e-Book from the Vatican themselves - pun intended.

Just like everything, when you have too much you'll ended up hating it. Well... Maybe almost everything, there is your loved one, Helvetica and IKEA KĂ–TTBULLAR.